Frequently Asked Questions

Are you going to translate Bible-Hub into ****** language?

It is more likely that we do not speak ****** language on the proper level for Bible-Hub translation.

If you speak ****** language and want to translate Bible-Hub, please, contact us. We will send you materials for translation.

Can you add custom Bible, dictionary or other resource to Bible-Hub?

Of course. If the resource is in public domain and match our conditions, we will add it. If it is protected by copyrights, we will try to get permissions to publish it.

What browser would you suggest for Bible-Hub?

Acctually, we test Bible-Hub in Firefox(v.20 and above), Chrome(v.10 and above), IE(v.10 and above).

I found a bug in Bible-Hub. How can I report it?

We will apriciate if you send us detailed description of the bug by Contacts page.